Operating equipment required for the restaurant

Operating equipment required for the restaurant

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  1. Front-of-House Equipment

Once you have your kitchen equipment in place, you’ll need to focus on what you need in front of the house. In other words, where your guests will be served. Tables and chairs, of course, are the essential prerequisites and condiment dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, silverware, glassware, and paper goods. If your restaurant serves specialty food or a multi-cuisine restaurant, you may also need a stock of items specific to that cuisine (that is, chopsticks for Asian food).

Depending on the theme and format of your restaurant, you can go for second-hand equipment and save your resources. But remember, this is the equipment that the customers would directly be in touch with, so it must be user-friendly, presentable, and fully functioning regardless of where you buy it from.

Some of the necessary equipment without which your front of the house will not be complete are:

  • Menu Boards: These boards can be as simple as chalkboards, where you can write about the ‘attractions’ of that particular day. These boards are generally placed right outside your restaurant, and they tend to attract the eyes of a lot of passersby who might be your potential customers.
  • Tablecloth and Napkins: Tablecloths and napkins are the basic things you ask for if you aim for refinement and sophistication. Mostly all restaurants with the view of providing upscale service to get these in place.
  • Salt And Pepper Shakers: These must not always be boring. There are uniquely designed salt and pepper shakers available in the market. You can even customize it to get it in the sink with the theme of your restaurant.
  1. Operational Equipment

Nowadays, no restaurant owner plans to deal with his restaurant operations manually. Hence, there has been a proliferation of demand for items that help in restaurant operations. Whether cash-registers, credit-card processing machines, or restaurant management systems, restaurants increasingly use these to make their operations seamless.

There are various point of sales (POS) systems in the market, from which you need to filter the ones that meet your requirements the best. Use a system that will help you in the general billing and manage the stock and inventory, Customer relationship management, and reporting and analytics. The best system should be one through which you will have complete control over all your restaurant operations from where ever you are. You must be able to track the number of bills generated across all your outlets, the discounts provided, compare the sales report across all the outlets, manage the stock and inventory, and place orders directly through the POS after the system has given the notification of re-order.


To set up an efficient restaurant, you need to follow the paid-down guide above. It is essential to have a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for all restaurant equipment and systems. This includes ovens, ranges, ventilation systems, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and many more.